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I had a truly amazing experience going to the Alliance Realestate School. I am a hands on learner and I have to tell you that Bill Ferriouolo is one of the best Instructors I have ever come in contact with. I enjoyed learning and I past my exam with flying colors. Thanks Bill for all of your help you are truly the best in the game.
La Mecca Quinones
Thank you for all you have done. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your school, you have a way of teaching that is not only fun, as your ad said but you make us understand the concepts. The stories you tell help so much for me to remember so many things, when I first read them before class I didn’t think I understood or could make sense out of what I just read but then in class you make sense out of it. I was so nervous just using the term going to school after all these years, wondering if my brain would comprehend new things, and then the book was like wow, all this in 60 hours? Then the first two chapters I read, I was like, getting old really stinks, I felt what I just read I had forgotten already but I hadn’t it was more fear then forgetfulness. But over these past few weeks, I am now excited, can’t wait to learn more, can’t wait if I read a chapter at home that seemed to tough for me, I can’t wait to get to class to ask you to help me understand it and you do just that.
It is truly amazing how the instructors really seem to care if you are getting it, they want you to learn and to enjoy learning. Money well spent.
Sandra Violette
After going to many classes throughout the years It was good to really enjoy and learn something at one. I wouldn’t think twice about going back to the Alliance Real Estate School.
Jim Peterson
I have taken many courses throughout my career but none given with the excitement and passion as the Alliance Real Estate School.
Justin Anamasi
The instructor found away to keep the information connected and meaningful week after week.
John Gramesty
Less lecturing and more facilitating allowed the group to get involved. I never left the classroom feeling unsatisfied.
Amy Romano
The use of actual issues in the business gave me an understanding of the day to day activities and that made it real easy to understand.
Maryhelen Bur
The course was taught in a way that kept my interest. I always looked forward to class night.
Marlene Procino


The instructor found away to keep the information connected and meaningful week after week.
John Gramesty

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