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Think. Grow.


Alliance Real Estate School is the first step in building a lasting career in Real Estate. We pride ourselves in working closely with each student to ensure their success in the real estate business. 


Online Classes Via Zoom. 

Flexible Schedule.

Start Anytime. 

Owner/Instructor - Bill Ferriouolo



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Rolling Admission - Start Anytime!

Online Class Schedule:

Evenings:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6pm-9pm

Day Time:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am-Noon


Payment Plans available via                     at checkout! 

*Start anytime and Come until you pass. If you are absent for more than 45 Calendar days a $250 reinstatement fee will apply. You can come to a combination of both morning and evening classes to best fit your schedule. 
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This is where we are located. New Haven County.

The Alliance Real Estate School is a product of a Dream!

This dream started many years ago as I realized that helping people, “think and grow” made me feel good.

Our teaching style leans away from lecturing and towards facilitating. We bring the reality of the business to the classroom in an effort to help the student understand instead of memorizing.

The Alliance Real Estate School is a place you can depend on for the help you need to get your real estate license, develop your career, increase your understanding of the business or to broaden your scope of knowledge for investing.

Whatever it may be we encourage you to come meet Bill Ferriouolo and find out for yourself who we are and how we operate. We love people and we love teaching but most of all we love the Real Estate business, so call us and let us help you..


Shortly after you pay you will receive a detailed email explaining how to join our classes online, how our schedule works and how to receive your textbooks.

Enroll Now and Start Today!


The first step in obtaining your Connecticut Salespersons license!

If you have learning needs - you can depend that the Alliance Real Estate School will provide a platform of training that will pique your interest. Our course selection has grown, we now offer courses from pre-license to sales training and coaching.

Graduation cap with the state of CT
Our popular P&P Course

Principal & Practices

Our most popular package

This course meets the minimum requirements as set forth by the real estate commission to sit for the salespersons license.

We offer Brokers Courses too

Brokers P&P and Legal Compliance

Looking to take your career to the next level and obtain your brokers license? Well, we do that too! 

Continuting Education

Continuing Education

Click the link below for access to our online, self paced CE classes! 

We can teach you how to invest

Real Estate Sales Basics

CONGRATS! YOU PASSED! This is designed to help you "hit the ground running" by developing good habits early! 

Meet the Team

Come Until You Pass!

Thats Right! Once enrolled in the Alliance Real Estate School, we allow you to attend classes for as long as you need until you pass your state exam. 

High Pass rate

Fun & Interactive Courses

Learn at your own pace

Come until you pass!

What Our Past Students Say

"This is an excellent school that provides students with a flexible schedule and easy to learn teaching style. The instructor did an excellent job reviewing the material. I definitely recommend this school if you are thinking about getting licensed. 5 stars!"

Chassity D.

Top Producer

"Awesome experience here from veteran professionals. They fill the time and dry material with stories, jokes, and engagement to make you learn and retain the info needed to pass your test."
"After going to college bill was truly the best teacher I have ever had."

Robert F. 


Our school is more than a learning experience, it is an attitude building process that will follow you through your career. Your attitude is what makes you a winner – the rest is merely details. If you’ve done your research, you’ll realize right away why we’re Connecticut’s premier real estate school. Most real estate schools and courses in Connecticut have a very inflexible schedule where missing a day will hinder your progress significantly - NOT HERE!  Our classes and schedule are very flexible; you learn around your schedule. You can finish the course quickly or you can take your time and finish at your own pace. The classes are more like discussions where the instructor makes sure every student understands the concept presented. Our main guarantee is that we will help you until you pass, and our student pass rate is INCREDIBLE!

Are you ready to invest in your future and start a career in Real Estate?! 

Choosing the right school may be the most important first step in your new career.


Need More Info?

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions you may have. We want to make sure that any of our potential student feel GREAT about moving forward with starting their career in Real Estate. 

Thanks for submitting!

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