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School Rules

Graduation Cap, State of Connecticut
After a 45 day absence, students are required to pay a $250 reinstatement fee in order to rejoin classes. If updated textbooks are needed you will also be charged our standard fee for books. ​

There is a “no refund” policy in place. Only under very certain circumstances would this be reconsidered. 

While classes are taking place online, students are required to have a working front-facing camera and always appear in frame in order to receive credit for each class.

Students are not to share any study guides, audio recordings, quizzes, handouts etc. with those who are not registered as students with the Alliance Real Estate School.

Students are to always treat each other and all staff politely. If this becomes an issue, you will be asked to leave and not return without refund.

Questions and discussion are always encouraged, just please be courteous of others' time. Instructors will always make time to discuss any matter further with you, after hours. 

Students MUST arrive to class no later than 15 mins after start time. If you login later, you will not receive credit for that class. 
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