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Online Class

How It Works

Let's Break It Down

Classes are held:


Evenings: Monday thru Thursday from 6-9pm

Mornings: Tuesday thru Thursday from 9-12pm

Everything is done in a live classroom setting online via ZOOM

You DON'T have to worry about making EVERY class. 


You can come to ANY combination of classes, morning and evening. 

Whatever works for your busy life. 


Here's how it works on our end:


Once you register and pay we will send you your username and password to our online system, along with a quick “How To” video and arrange to get you your materials - Local pickup or Shipped.


When the students log into our online system and register for class for any specific day - we see who is present and what chapter is needed the MOST and that is the chapter(s) we decide to do for that class. 


This is how we are able to make everything so flexible for our students.


This works because the curriculum that we teach does NOT have to be taught in order. 


So, by the time you complete your 60 hours, we guarantee that you will have completed every chapter, have done our math reviews, our Connecticut state law reviews and be ready to take your final exam!


Once you pass our final exam, we issue you your certificate of completion and you can register to take your state exam! 


Easy as that!


Any other questions, please feel free to reach out! 

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